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We at GST have been building B2B SaaS products for 20 years, having not only scaled and sold our own companies, but also have served 350 companies in more than 50 industries from Seed stage to Series B stage. These experiences have provided us with a tremendous data set as to both grading the health of R&D organizations and revealing a company's Dev Efficiency Ratio. Similar to a company's Sales Efficiency Ratio, GST's Dev Efficiency Ratio brings to light the degree of 'wheel spinning' within an R&D organization's product development cycle.

Upon your completion of GST's R&D Organizational Health Self Assessment, the answers to your questions will be reviewed by our team within 1-2 business days, by which time we will email you the results along with your current state Dev Efficiency Ratio. This report will include recommendations towards improving your Dev Efficiency Ratio and thus minimizing waste within your R&D organization.


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GST offers a variety of services to assist B2B Saas founders

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